The Great Foot Scare

Posted: August 16, 2010 in The Journey

With only 6 weeks to go until D-Day, it’s not a good time to worry about broken bones, blood clots other medical maladies.  X Rays and blood tests have been done and the results should be known soon but until then, it is difficult not to wonder what to do about the ride if medical opinion discourages it.  At what point do you decide to follow your dream without worrying about the consequences versus admitting that you have responsibilities that shouldn’t be subverted by personal goals?  With some luck, that decision won’t need to be made.

The T-Shirt design & costing was done by Jeremy today. Once we have them printed and are holding them tightly in our grubby hands, the entire adventure will be that much more real.

The Polaris RZR is in Pretoria right now with Etienne from EZ Drive.  He is building a customized side roll bar to replace the stock version which was removed to make it accessible by wheelchair.  He has also been asked to replace the standard ignition with a push button start –  quadriplegics and keys don’t mix very well.  The 2nd attempt at hand controls are entering their third reincarnation at Mobility One’s workshop in Jetpark.  During testing, the current configuration proved to be difficult to control and decidedly uncomfortable.  Deadline for the mods is Friday so the various parties need to haul ass or there’s going to be a grumpy cripple on the warpath.


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