Nothing happens in a hurry

Posted: August 18, 2010 in The Journey

News about the purple foot is mostly good and a little bad.

The specialist Orthopedic Surgeon took a look and decided there were no loose bones dangling around unattached which is a relief.  The X Rays were really no help as anyone who sits 24/7 for more than 10 years is going to lose bone density and develop significant osteoporosis.  This makes finding fractures almost impossible.  The thinking then is simple; the feet aren’t used for walking so no treatment is prescribed.  The solution is to just wait for 2 to 3 weeks for the swelling to go away.  Raised feet in resting position above the heart?  Not easy to achieve on wheels.

As suspected, the adaptations to the RZR are already behind schedule.  The Thursday deadline has been pushed tentatively to Saturday afternoon which is really no help to anyone.  What can be done to light a fire under the collective asses of the people involved?  We need time in the saddle, to drive and get used to the 6 or 7 hours that will be the norm during the event and so far the max has been about a half hour during testing.

Things need to change fast.


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