Taking Shape, hopefully the right shape

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Phil's Polaris RZR, The Quads

Silly string comes in silver now.

I’ve just received a photo of the customized door/side roll bar that is being built for the RZR.  It looks really cool, I just hope to hell my left arm will have enough room to bend while pulling back the accelerator.  Not having a working tricep means my arm does the “chicken wing” and bends out at right angles to my body when pulling hard.

Apparently the “door” is finished and will be going into the factory tomorrow to be powder coated to match the rest of the roll cage and with some luck it might be ready by Saturday pm.

I’m trying to decide if spending another R1,800 on spacers to widen the wheelbase is a good idea.  According to an expert I spoke to, the slightly wider track adds more stability and decreases the chance of tipping over.

  1. Delano says:

    The shape of things to come, indeed.

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