Sunday Practice Session

Posted: September 22, 2010 in The Journey

Although the buildup has been slow and troubled, we’re finally ready!

Last Sunday Phil, Brendon, Jeremy and Joffie packed the Quad onto the trailer and took it for a spin around the Erora Track in Kempton Park.

Brendon about to take the Quad for a spin

We also got a chance to see the Quad, now fully modified for Phil to drive it.

A closer look at the modifications for Phil

The Quad can now be operated completely by hand movements – one hand to control acceleration and braking with the lever on the left, and the other hand for steering. The steering handle swivels with the wheel, which means it turns the wheel while allowing the hand to remain in one position.

Phil ready to go

Phil drove the Quad out on the track, co-piloted by Jeremy who spent most of the time lifting and closing the visor on Phil’s helmet as bikers and quad riders zoomed past with a cloud of dust in their wake! Phil also took a steep ramp at high speed, which even Brendon (notorious speed demon) took slowly.

Next practice is going to be part of the big race – on Thursday the Quads 4 Quads down run begins, leaving from Carnival City. Phil will be there to test the Quad on a long journey, accompanied alternately by Jeremy and Theresa, our friendly neighbourhood PR guru.  Phil will do the first part of the leg to see how a longer drive will feel, and what additional modifications (like a rear view mirror) might still be required.


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