Almost upon us

Posted: September 28, 2010 in The Journey, The Nerds

I leave tomorrow for Kloof.  Then one more sleep and there is nowhere to hide.

I’m feeling a mixture of fear and excitement right now.  I think most temporarily abled people underestimate how tough this is for someone completely paralysed from the chest down.  One of my biggest fears is landing up with a pressure sore.  Google it for images and you’ll see why; not feeling your ass has a downside!

My goal now is to enjoy each moment of the ride. Two weeks ago, I would have said it is impossible that the vehicle or I would be ready on time.  Over the past month, I broke my foot, had the worst case of gastro since 1996 and to top it off got a UT infection this time last week.  The power steering and tripin hand grip arrived on literally the last day possible or I would have had to cancel.

They say the best shows have the worst dress rehearsals.  I hope they are right!


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