Meet the Nerds

Posted: September 28, 2010 in The Nerds
Paul Butschi
Riding Kawasaki KDX 200

“I got my first bike when I was 6 years old, a Kawasaki 200 3-Wheeler and have been off roading ever since, I currently have a 2006 Kawasaki KDX 200 and will hopefully be getting into the KTM league pretty soon. I’m excited to ride the Quads 4 Quads. Firstly the opportunity to ride from Kwazulu Natal to Gauteng on dirt is not a common one, and secondly to be involved in such a unique event, which is life changing to say the least.”

Brendon Parkes
Riding Sponsored Suzuki LTZ400 Quad Riding Yamaha Rhino Side-by-side

“When I discover something new and exciting I tend to immerse myself in it, almost to the exclusion of everything else. When I discovered Quads4Quads I immediately started researching how I could get involved. What attracted me to the event was that it’s for a good cause as well I’m a sucker for bikes and adventure! Most of my spare time is taken up by attending bike rallies and biking charity events such as this, I think the most important aspect of this adventure will be ensuring that Phil makes it to the finish and our goal of completing the long and sometime challenging ride is completed successfully.”

Jeremy Forsyth
Driving with Phil in the Polaris RZR / Driving backup vehicle

“I love to travel and see interesting and unusual places. The Quads 4 Quads drive for me is more about seeing the more remote parts of the country that the drive goes through, and supporting my friends so they can make it to the finish line in one piece. Why take an average ‘sit on the beach for a week’ holiday when you can drive through the wilderness in support of a good cause, and help your friends accomplish something special? Plus Starcraft 2 is taking up way too much of my time – an off road adventure is a welcome change of scenery.”

Andre Jooste
Driving with Phil in the Polaris RZR / Driving backup vehicle

“Huge advances in technology have enabled deaf people to hear, blind people to see shapes with their tongues, and this week, quadriplegics from across South Africa will quad bike from Ballito to Joburg in 4 days. Technology has opened many doors and I am proud to be a part of this initiative that will show the world that everyone on this earth is equal and anything can be achieved with some brilliant technology and most importantly, the power of the mind!”


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