Ready and Willing

Posted: September 29, 2010 in The Journey
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Here we are. The night before the drive, ready to get on the road and get a lot of dust in the face.

There might not be too many updates, it all depends on the signal en route and at the rest stops. Whenever 3G signal appears I can keep you updated on twitter, hopefully we’ll get usable signal at the rest stops.

We start at 8am tomorrow (7am to get strapped in) for a relatively easy drive to the lunch stop. Good opportunity to get a feel for the ride and test out the capabilities of the Polaris before the tough bits at the big uphill near the drakensberg.

Something that has caught us off guard is a change of route on day 2 because of the threat of fire in the forests of Kwazulu Natal. Apparently trees explode when the circumstances are right (like when smokers light up alongside them) so we’re avoiding the whole area.

After doing the test run last week, we should be well equipped to handle any unforeseen circumstances tomorrow. Hold thumbs, cross fingers, here we go!


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