Done & Dusted

Posted: October 4, 2010 in The Journey

Phil here, alive and successful!

I’ll write something more comprehensive when I’m up to it but for now want to share a few thoughts and emotions after finishing the 4 most physically demanding days I’ve ever experienced.

I just found out that I’m just the 3rd quadriplegic ever to fully complete the event; I count the 50 kms that took over an hour of driving when we were lost on day as being equivalent to the 40kms that we missed.  But I couldn’t have even done one morning of driving without Jeremy as my co pilot.  You are a legend, thank you Jerry.

From the afternoon of day 3 (which by the way was a horribly long section of over 180kms of unbearable heat), I started to realise it might be possible to complete the whole thing.  As the kms ticked by, each time I thought of the finish line I got a little more emotional.  That evening, we arrived last at camp (I think) but the thought that there was only another 250kms left eased the aching shoulders and gave me the boost I needed to finish.  As we drove with the other riders into Carnival City yesterday afternoon, the tears came flooding out and I was a wreck of mixed emotions.  I can’t really describe it, you guys will need to do it yourselves to get an idea but it’s a mixture of relief, happiness, pride in completing something so epic & a sense of accomplishment that is more overwhelming than you can imagine.

We did it.  I drove over 1,000 kms through mud, dust roads, insane trenches, rivers, rocks, mountains and valleys, saw places not on any map and most importantly learnt how far the human spirit can compensate for a broken body.


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