Day Three: First Leg

Posted: October 7, 2010 in The Journey

Leaving early on Day Three, we set out from Newcastle knowing the worst was behind us. The first leg was short and scenic and we drove through it in a much more relaxed state than any other leg we experienced. The sun wasn’t hot enough to cook us alive, and the trees and pathways we took shielded us from the heat. We drove through farm land through the hills, primarily gravel tracks through trees. One piece of land had a raised track for us, which dropped on either side to reveal a burned, dead forest, which reminded both of us of areas in World of Warcraft.

The highlight of this short 70km leg was driving through the tunnels. Along the route there are a few tunnels going through the hillside – we went through a short one and a long one. Perfect for cooling off, riding into these tunnels is like driving through a fridge. Luckily our Polaris had bright headlights to shine the way, but other bikes weren’t as lucky. When we reached the second, longer tunnel on the trip, there was a large crowd of bikers outside waiting for a quad to lead the way so they could see where they were going. Paul wasn’t so lucky when he went through – he ended up temporarily stranded in the darkness until a quad with lights arrived to lead the way (without accidentally running him over).

We reached the rest stop with time to spare, completing the most scenic route of the race with ease. The journey looked like it would be a piece of cake from here onward. How wrong we were.


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