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I never posted a report back on my “training” ride with Glenn “just over the next hill” Foley last week. One word : Awesome.

Not awesome in small letters as gets bandied about by rugby players in a post match interview, but real Awesome. The kind that makes you quiver in your socks & grin like a schoolboy.

For a while I thought Glenn was just trying to kill me and sell the Polaris to defray search and recovery costs I incurred last year.  We popped Delores in low range and crawled up what I’m pretty sure were vertical dam walls. He must have had some kind of anti gravity device.  Yes, it was that impressive.

Up, down and sideways, plus through a sludgy river (three times) and it was all brilliant.  We did get stuck right at the end climbing out of a culvert but Obi Wan Kenobi showed me how to reverse back in and jam it at full speed to launch out the other side.

Outstanding. I won’t try anything crazy (or crazier than normal) on Q4Q but it’s fantastic to know if we get into a sticky situation, my Rzr can probably handle it just fine.  Booyah.


This time next week we will be at the half way point of the down run. I can’t believe it is almost upon us already.  So much preparation has been done but there’s still a huge amount outstanding.

Garth put on the Q4Q signage on my grey VW Transporter today, you definitely won’t miss us out on the road.  It looks great, thanks to Garth & his team.  We even have a whole bunch of stickers left over and will hand them out to the Nerds on Quads guys or random people who look like they need some happy branding added to their vehicles.

I’m still trying to figure out so many things for the trip – one is syncing my intercoms with each other, my phone and my MP3 player all at once.  Hopefully I can get it all working this weekend.

Glenn, who produces Dirt & Trail magazine and runs Quads4Quads is going to take me on a ride to teach me a few things about off road riding.  Although we managed ok last year, I can’t wait to listen to advice and learn how to ride Delores a little more safely and hopefully add some fun to the mix.

I think it will be a great time to try out the interphone intercom headsets.  I might just take the action cam as well and try get some footage too.

After the last minute rush to get ready for the ride of a lifetime, this year has been far more sedate and civilized.  Jeremy and I went for a test ride last weekend with Garth (aka the Red Baron), his family and Flip and Johan. After offloading at Dirt Bronco and being told we can’t use their track that day, we rode through some hectic dust amongst the mine dumps of the West Rand.  It turned out to be a huge amount of fun and felt amazing to be back behind the wheel for the first time since the valentine day ride back in Feb.