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I never posted a report back on my “training” ride with Glenn “just over the next hill” Foley last week. One word : Awesome.

Not awesome in small letters as gets bandied about by rugby players in a post match interview, but real Awesome. The kind that makes you quiver in your socks & grin like a schoolboy.

For a while I thought Glenn was just trying to kill me and sell the Polaris to defray search and recovery costs I incurred last year.  We popped Delores in low range and crawled up what I’m pretty sure were vertical dam walls. He must have had some kind of anti gravity device.  Yes, it was that impressive.

Up, down and sideways, plus through a sludgy river (three times) and it was all brilliant.  We did get stuck right at the end climbing out of a culvert but Obi Wan Kenobi showed me how to reverse back in and jam it at full speed to launch out the other side.

Outstanding. I won’t try anything crazy (or crazier than normal) on Q4Q but it’s fantastic to know if we get into a sticky situation, my Rzr can probably handle it just fine.  Booyah.


New GFX … getting excited

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Phil's Polaris RZR

Mr Meen of Dirtpunk MX is busy with an update to the branding on Delores.  Can’t wait to see the final result;judging by his other work and initial drafts, it is going to look brilliant.  Have a looksee on Facebook.

Every update seems to be a complaint about lack of progress but that is how it feels most days.  After the past weekend of testing, I had no doubt I would need to install power steering.  4 days and about R12k later, the electric power steering unit has been bought and is apparently en route to my front door, eta Wednesday next week.  I’ll have one day to get it installed before the Friday training ride with the people who run Q4Qs.  So what is left to do?

* Power steering
* Padding on the dashboard to protect my bruised and battered knees.
* Wedge foam block to give the drivers seat some tilt
* Starter button isn’t working
* Need new neoprene chest strap for stability
* Waiting for the 5th submarine strap for my safety harness
* Windscreen & rear view mirror are supposed to be here tomorrow
* Finally no word on the spacers as yet

On the up side, my foot looks a bit more human. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to wear normal shoes again.

Hold thumbs that things miraculously come together in time. It is not through lack of trying!

Silly string comes in silver now.

I’ve just received a photo of the customized door/side roll bar that is being built for the RZR.  It looks really cool, I just hope to hell my left arm will have enough room to bend while pulling back the accelerator.  Not having a working tricep means my arm does the “chicken wing” and bends out at right angles to my body when pulling hard.

Apparently the “door” is finished and will be going into the factory tomorrow to be powder coated to match the rest of the roll cage and with some luck it might be ready by Saturday pm.

I’m trying to decide if spending another R1,800 on spacers to widen the wheelbase is a good idea.  According to an expert I spoke to, the slightly wider track adds more stability and decreases the chance of tipping over.