Donations & Sponsorships

This year, we are attempting both directions of Quads4Quads.  That’s a really long way for us and our backup team and we will be away from home for nearly 2 weeks.  As difficult as it is to ask for help, we need you!

We hope that you can support this amazing cause by either sponsoring our Nerds on Quads team while we attempt all 2,000kms in the Dirt or by donating directly to QASA, who are the ultimate beneficiaries.

Our Nerds on Quads team who support Phil needs help with raising funds to cover wheelchair accessible accommodation, fuel for those long and dusty roads as well as incidentals such as replacement tyres, cam belts and other metal motoring bits and pieces!

  •   You can donate directly to Nerds on Quads using Paypal, or
  • If you would prefer to use an EFT, please email us for details:

Below is a Form you can use to make a Pledge if you aren’t ready to Donate Right now.

We have secured some very generous donations and sponsorships from the following companies & would like to thank them for their help.

Incredibly generous, Dial a Nerd covered our Entry Fees and riding shirts

Garth aka The Red Baron has been a star, Sunata has helped with branding, shirts and design

Daryl from Badit GPS donated a Garmin Nuvi 500 - I'm sure we will get lost despite his best intentions

Bike 2 Bike Motorcycling Gadgets

Bike2Bike gave us Bluetooth walkie talkies to help us stay in touch.

Werner from Moto-Netix is going to service my bike en route

The Organisers, amazing people!


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